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Order of the Arrow

For more than 90 years, the Order of the Arrow (OA) has recognized Scouts and Scouters who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives. This is the official Order of the Arrow website that contains many resources, national and regional events, and valuable information for Arrowmen across the Order.

JumpStart for New Arrowmen

JumpStart is an interactive, web-based training initiative provided by the Order of the Arrow. It is a great resource for new Arrowmen to learn more about the Order, or for current Arrowmen to refresh their memory about the history and meaning of the Order. We encourage you to check out this great resource!


OA Southern Region

The Order of the Arrow is divided up into four regions: Southern, Western, Central, and Northeastern. Wahissa Lodge is located in the Southern Region, which encompasses numerous sections. Each region sponsors and staffs the Order’s National Leadership Seminar (NLS) and National Lodge Advisers Training Seminar (NLATS) around the region each year. Check out this site to know more about the region.


Southern Region 7B

This is the official website of our section, Southern Region Section 7B (SR7B), that covers a large portion of North Carolina serving six lodges. The section level is the next step above the lodge level in the Order of the Arrow. Wahissa joins our brothers in SR7B annually at the Cardinal Conclave, typically held in April of each year. Check out this site for more information about the section and other local lodges.


Old Hickory Council

Wahissa Lodge is the local lodge for the Old Hickory Council, which serves the counties of northwest North Carolina. The Old Hickory Council was established in 1912 and continues a strong collaboration with the Arrowmen in Wahissa Lodge. This website will update you on local council and district events and programs.

Camp Raven Knob

Camp Raven Knob

Camp Raven Knob is a premier, nationally accredited camp that is located in Mount Airy, North Carolina. It is the only camp within the Old Hickory council encompassing over 3,200 acres. The camp officially opened in 1954 and welcomes thousands of Scouts and visitors annually. Wahissa Lodge hosts most of its events at Camp Raven Knob and provides countless hours of service each year. The G. Kellock Hale, Jr. Training Center and Wahissa Lodge Building is located at Camp Raven Knob.

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