How much are annual dues?

Annual dues are $15.00 and should be paid by January 1st of each year. Make checks payable to Old Hickory Council and reference ‘Wahissa Lodge dues payment’ on the check. Dues can also be paid at any lodge event or at the Old Hickory Council office in Winston-Salem.

I am a member of another OA Lodge. Can I transfer my membership to Wahissa Lodge?

Of course! You will need to complete a Dues Information Form, available at any lodge event during registration, and pay $20.00. This fee can be paid by cash or check. Make checks payable to Old Hickory Council.

I am new to the lodge, but want to get plugged in/more active; How?

For first, we appreciate your interest in our Order! It is far too common to have Arrowmen never come back after their Ordeal, so we are thankful to have people who share interest in what we do!

Our website and Facebook page are always a great way to find out more about what’s happening in our lodge, so we suggest you take a look at those… The biggest way to get more involved in our Lodge is to be active, come to events and see how you like it (it’s nothing like your Ordeal). If you want to get more plugged in in specific areas, we have a great team of lodge officers willing to help you get started, you can find their contact info under the About tab > Officers.

Contact vcp@wahissa.org if you have questions.

What should I bring to my Ordeal?

In order for your Ordeal Experience to be successful and meaningful, you will need to bring the following items with you to the event:

  • Candidate Handbook
  • $45.00 registration fee (includes meals, Ordeal Sash, and Brotherhood Conversion fee)
  • Extra money for the OA Trading Post
  • Medical Form
  • Work Gloves
  • Work Clothes
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Ground Cloth
  • Class A Uniform
  • Shower Supplies
  • Extra Clothing
  • Backpack

*It is important that all items you bring fit into your Backpack. Pack according to weather.

What should I expect?

The Ordeal is a vital part of the Induction Process. The Ordeal provides a time for a Scout to reflect upon his experiences within Scouting and hopefully broaden them, making them firmer and his love for Scouting greater. This weekend will be filled with many activities, all of which are safe and supervised. There are hundreds of thousands of OA members, all of which have participated in an Ordeal. The Ordeal is an experience that no Scout will ever forget because of the honor that has been given to them by being inducted into the Order.

When should I arrive for the weekend?

Please arrive to Camp Raven Knob before 7:00pm Friday night. Registration will begin promptly at 7:00pm and will continue until 8:30pm. Please arrive promptly, as tardiness will delay the progress of the weekend. If you have any questions regarding registration, contact the Vice Chief of Administration (VCAD). The VCAD’s contact info is located in the “Lodge Officer” section of the Candidate Handbook provided at summer camp OR on this website under the About –> Officers tab. Registration will be held at the Vaughn Dining Hall.

When with the weekend conclude?

The weekend will conclude on Sunday at 10:00am. Have your parents pick you up at the Vaughn Dining Hall, unless otherwise directed.

What time should I have my child to an event?

Registration for each event beings at 7:00pm on Friday evening. You should bring your child to the Vaughn Dining Hall around 6:30pm if possible. The only exception would be miscellaneous workdays that may be a day-only event and not a weekend. Those arrival times will be announced on the website prior to the event or listed in the Witschindin, mailed to each arrowmen on an annual basis early in the calendar year.

When and where should I pick-up my child from an event?

At the end of each event, the best location to pick-up your child is at the Vaughn Dining Hall, where you left your child at for registration on Friday evening. Typically our events end at 10:00am on Sunday.

When & How can I schedule an election?

The election season typically last from January/February to early May. Chapters should reach out to their respective troops to schedule elections; if you have not received an email by March, please let us know!

Also, the deadlines for election season are there for a reason, as elections are due to the lodge by a certain date, special exceptions cannot be made beyond the deadlines (unless we are in the wrong). Under no circumstances can an election be held at summer camp.

How often can my troop have an election?

Troops can only have one election per year.

Can an election be held for a Venture Crew?

Venture crews are not allowed to hold annual elections per the national guidelines set by the National Order of the Arrow Committee. If you have any questions, please contact you respective Chapter or the Lodge Vice Chief of Elections & Camping Promotions.

My troop is from out-of-council and are visiting Camp Raven Knob this summer; we would like our elected candidates to be recognized at your Wednesday Night Callout... How?

This is definitely a convenience we offer! With a growing number of out-of-council troops visiting CRK, we feel that elected candidates of another lodge deserve to be recognized, even if is not at their council camp. Please keep in mind that this does NOT make a candidate one of Wahissa Lodge; they must still complete their Ordeal at their council camp.

Please contact your lodge and have them send an official letterhead (paper or electronic) to the Camp Raven Knob Administrative Office including the troop number and elected candidates. This can be done any time before the Tuesday in which the troop is present at CRK.

CRK Admin: office@ravenknob.com


Raven Knob Scout Reservation 266 Raven Knob Road Mt. Airy, NC 27030

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