Wahissa Lodge #118 has a long history of exceptional program for the members of the lodge. This program presents many opportunities for both youth and adult arrowmen in a variety of forms. Arrowmen can engage in the traditions of the Order by becoming involved in the American Indian Affairs activities. If one desires to serve in leadership roles, Wahissa Lodge provides access to local, regional, and national training opportunities including NLS and NLATS. For those youth arrowmen who would like to get their enhance their camping experience, they can participate in many of the national high adventure programs across the country. Lastly, Wahissa Lodge annually participates in many service opportunities including the Southern Region One Day of Service.

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AIA Label

Information regarding our American Indian traditions including dance, drum, singing, and more.

High Adventure Label

Check out one of many national high adventure programs held each summer across the country.

Brotherhood Label

Are you an Ordeal member? Would you like to seal your membership in the Order? Check out this information on what to know and when you can become a Brotherhood member in Wahissa Lodge!

Leadership Label

Information for leadership programs if you are currently serving in a role or hope to serve in the future.

One Day of Service Label

There are many opportunities to participate in service from the chapter to the lodge level.

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