NOAC 2018

Where, When & What

Indiana University | Bloomington, Indiana | July 30 – August 4, 2018

Come celebrate the Order of the Arrow with Wahissa Lodge at the 2018 NOAC. This event will be filled with great training opportunities and awesome shows. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to make new friendships and strengthen old ones. There will be Dance, Ceremony, and Drum competitions that any youth may participate in. At NOAC, you will learn from the Order’s top trainers, being inspired to share what you learn to make Wahissa #118.


NOAC Registration Allotment

NOAC attendance is limited to 8,000 arrowmen with a ratio of 1 adult for every 3 youth attending. Wahissa’s initial allotment is for 24 youth and 8 adults.

Wahissa Lodge currently has 11 Youth slots available (as of 10-5-17). In order to make the process fair for all interested, we have reopened registration and will be accepting applications at the Old Hickory Council Service Center until 5:00pm on Friday, December 8, 2017. If more arrowmen apply than Wahissa has slots, arrowmen not chosen for a slot will be placed on a wait list if additional slots are allotted to Wahissa. We expect to know the number of unclaimed slots by mid-January 2018.

How Much Is NOAC?

Estimated Cost is $850.00.

The fee for the event will include: registration, NOAC delegate patch, delegate shirts, delegate name tag, lodge delegate flaps, all meals, and transportation costs. The only extra money you’ll need is for the NOAC Trading Post and snacks.

Payment Schedule

With Application: $100

February 1, 2018: $250

April 1, 2018:  $250

June 1, 2018: $250 (or remaining balance)

Failure to meet the payment deadline without making other arrangements may result in your slot being transferred to an arrowman on the wait list.

Application Deposit Refunds

The full $100 application deposit will be refunded if you are not awarded a slot or if you withdraw your application before Wahissa secures a slot for you.

There will be NO REFUNDS after your slot has been committed to.

Wahissa Travel Plans

Our plan is to leave Camp Raven Knob on Sunday, July 29 and arrive back at camp the evening of Saturday, August 4. Once travel plans are finalized more specific times will be provided.

Leadership Training Grant

To help defray the cost of NOAC, Wahissa Lodge has a limited number of NOAC Leadership Training Grants worth $200 available to participants under the age of 21.  You may find a NOAC Leadership Training Grant form HERE or at the Old Hickory Council Service Center.  Forms are due to the Old Hickory Council Service Center on January 5, 2018.

How to Apply

Complete the NOAC application and return it along with a $100 application deposit to the Old Hickory Council Service Center by Friday, December 1, 2017.

Note: Your deposit DOES NOT guarantee you a slot. It only puts you into consideration for the slots Wahissa Lodge is awarded. You will be notified via First Class Letter by October 15 as to whether you have a slot or placed on the wait list.


  • 2018 NOAC Information Brochure – HERE
  • 2018 NOAC Application – HERE
  • 2018 NOAC Leadership Grant Applcation – HERE

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