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Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 @ 2:27PM

A message from Wahissa Lodge Conclave Chief, Dylan Stoltzfus: 

This past weekend as I was walking through Raven Knob during Winter Fellowship I was approached by many arrowmen wanting to know about their committee assignment, future workdays, and general information about Conclave at Camp Raven Knob. Within this message, I will discuss these three topics and explain your role at this point in the Conclave initiative.

Workdays 2, 3, and 4
  • Workday 2 (March 25): At Workday 1, our lodge took part in an early “Spring Cleaning” of Camp Raven knob to clear fallen wood in each campsite from logging operations, trim back foliage along the trails around camp, and fix up the Dance Arbor. With this work complete, Workday 2 is planned to serve as a time to perfect every detail of camp by spreading new mounds of sand in the Dance Arbor and OA Arena, Painting the bathhouses around camp, repairing fencing along the roads, and complete the removal of fallen trees as logging operations are expected to have concluded. With this being said, we would highly encourage those attending to bring clothes they don’t mind getting paint on.
  • Workday 3 (April 8): With the completion of a majority of the physical restoration of camp at Workdays 1 and 2, Workday 3 will serve as a time to set up the materials necessary to host Conclave. This will include projects such as preparing the Lodge campsites, setting up a few tents around camp, cutting grass and weeds, putting together each program area.
  • Workday 4 (April 12, 13, and 14): A key note for this extended workday is that it WILL NOT be an overnight event. This time has been designated for different committees to come up to camp for one of the days to finalize logistics and tie down loose ends. We are currently working with each committee’s Chairman to coordinate logistics which will be released in the near future. As another note, we understand that some arrowmen may have school during these days; therefore, attendance is NOT mandatory. As this event becomes closer, another message will be sent out.
  • What to bring to the Workdays: The only items recommended for each arrowman to bring to each workday is a water bottle and clothes they don’t mind getting dirty. On another note, I understand that many of you have approached members of the Conclave Team wanting to know if there were any tools or materials that you could bring up to the workday to help out. Any arrowman who would like to bring extra tools may do so; however, Camp Raven Knob has a full stock of tools in the Maintenance Facility. The only tool that our team would appreciate a few arrowmen bringing to Workdays 2 and 3 would be a power screw driver.
Committee Assignments
  • While I’m sure many of your are extremely eager to know your committee assignment, our team is working as diligently as possible to sort the puzzle with more registering every day. To address this, we have set March 26 as the notification date in which an email message will be sent out. Following this digital message, each of you will receive a physical letter confirming your committee appointment and providing further instructions. Once again, thank you all for your patience in this process.
  • Following your committee appointment, it will be imperative that each of you plan to attend Workday 3 on April 8th for an in depth look at your role during Conclave and to highlight how you can prepare for the dynamic weekend. For all those who are not able to attend the workday, your respective committee Chairman will get in touch with you at the conclusion of the workday.
At this point in preparing for Conclave at Camp Raven Knob, all my team and myself can ask is that you all attend the workdays, continue to promote staff registration, and remain patient in this long process. The road to completing this massive operation is only six more weeks in length. This means that we have six more weeks to prepare for nearly 1500 Arrowmen arriving at Raven Knob, six more weeks to revolutionize the way a first time Conclave attendant views the Order, and six more weeks to define the legacy our lodge will leave on the SR-7B for the next 6 years. How will you define the legacy?
In Brotherhood,
Dylan Stoltzfus
2017 Conclave Chief
P.S. Check out the Lodge website for more information:

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