Chief’s Corner

A Message from the Lodge Chief:

Good day my brothers,

As we move forward into our 2017 lodge year, I feel overcome with joy to serve as your Lodge Chief alongside the Vice Chiefs. At Wahissa, we come from deep roots built on leadership and brotherhood, and strive to continue this legacy for years to come. My favorite component of the Order of the Arrow is what it brings out in people – leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, helpfulness, and more. Everyone plays a key role in making Wahissa one of the best lodges in the Order!

I really believe in our lodge and strive to make it better each day. I did not get selected for the Order my first year eligible. The next year, I was elected after spending a year wanting so much to be a part of this organization. This experience taught me the privilege it is to be an Arrowman. The Arrowmen who inspire and serve their brothers makes the Order unique. I challenge everyone to give their best in the Order, as you were chosen by the members of your troop to serve cheerfully even in the midst of irksome tasks.

My fondest memories include tug-of-war in ankle deep mud and chanting “CXV III during Lodge Quest Events at Conclave. We have a unique opportunity coming up April 21-23. We are hosting the 2017 SR7B Cardinal Conclave at our very own home, Camp Raven Knob. It is imperative that YOU come out, join the staff, and show the section we can throw the best Conclave they’ve ever seen. Our theme for the weekend will be Superheroes, so bring out your capes, masks, and alter egos on our mission to, once again, win the Spirit Award. The conclave theme is Six Fires, One Great Light. Please register NOW at It is the most spectacular event of the year!

As a friend, brother, and your Lodge Chief – I am here to serve you.

Yours in Service,

Will Indicott

2017 Lodge Chief

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